CPI Launches the 'CPI eYe' on market Service in 19 countries

CPI International Group is an international professional and consultancy organization offering customized services for people and organizations in fields of pharmaceutical, life-science, educational development, consultancy, project management and investment management in more than 19 countries worldwide including Europe, MENA, US-North America, Emerging Markets, Russia and CIS markets. Our NEW,  confidential  and customized 'CPI eYe' on market  Service  brings you and your organizational  the updated,  current and future  information about local, regional or international markets worldwide, our service is subsidized  to state,  country-region- range-product - company or service level. 

You will get a 21st century professional analysis about a specific market, product, service or activity in an innovative and direct- to –the point- life and written format enables you to monitor your product (s) performance, decide for product launch, prepare for regulatory process(s), exceed clients expectations, shape forecast strategy, adjust marketing strategy, map geographic expansion, decide for future restructuring, manage change initiatives, plan for growth and act on M&A.

To apply for this service or to know more about the power of the 'CPI eYe' on market, please contact us via email at: info@cpiinstitute.com



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