Assistant Professor Lisa Askwith B.A. T.A.E A.P.M.A.


"High quality Corporate Education presented by industry experienced professionals is essential in today’s rapidly changing workplace. In a continually morphing economy and world you no longer have the luxury of being allowed years to learn about your industry, you simply have to hit the ground running with knowledge that allows you to stand out from the competition.

The only way to do that successfully is to be able to utilise the knowledge of professionals who have succeeded, and who can present that information to you in a form that you can quickly and effectively use to pursue your dreams and success."

Lisa is both formally qualified and highly experienced in the many different aspects of business success and people management. Having started her career with a degree in Arts majoring in psychology, Lisa quickly joined the corporate environment. Here she applied her learned people management and assessment skills to the corporate management and sales worlds. This allowed her to become successful and quickly move up through the ranks from Sales Training, Sales Management, and Senior Account Management to ultimately State and Regional Management. Lisa has had experience and success in every aspect of a company from ground up, focusing on a range of areas such as people and sales management, regional and global strategy, warehousing and distribution through to tender management and acquisitions.

Having held senior roles for several Global companies over the last 20 years, with over 12 years of that time spent in the Pharmaceutical arena, Lisa has had the opportunity to gain a very thorough insight into just what makes a company successful, and how to go about addressing issues that are holding it back. Having had the opportunity to be mentored and trained in everything from corporate compliance models, recruitment, people management, legal requirements of multi country trading right through to setting group strategy, vision and re-assessing goals.

Lisa has come to a have a thorough understanding not only of business but the vital link people play in the opportunity any business has for success. Lisa can offer experience in Pharmaceutical, Medical, Pharmacy Banner management and growth, General business strategy and direction, Warehousing and Distribution, Sales and State Management, Engineering, Accounting, Business Structure and People Management.


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