Professor Pinelopi Athanassopoulou


"Corporate education will be at the centre of Greece’s future particularly since our country has to rise from its ashes and fight for economic prosperity. Greeks always felt strongly about education and the online educational systems developed today provide Greek managers with an easy way to keep learning and become even better.

In times of economic downturn Greeks will turn towards corporate, online, education that can complement their practical experience and help them succeed in the global competitive environment."

Professor Athanassopoulou is a distinguished professor of Business Administration at the Cambridge Corporate University Switzerland; she is also the current marketing Professor of at the University of PELOPONNESE in Greece. Her publication, work and research focus on the effect of corporate University education on struggling economy, brand personality of service brands, intellectual capitals, relationship marketing. She has an extensive experience as a marketing expert and consultant advised for international blockbusters on marketing strategy development and on service management. She is currently the program director of CCU in Greece


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