Professor Dr. Y.Pierre PFEIFER


"EDUCATION, in its traditional definition: 'the methods by which a society hands down from one generation to the next its knowledge'.

Unfortunately education developed into a system of programming individuals (developing only the left hemisphere logic and neglecting the right creativity. – Satisfying the demand of the economy, for the present.

CCU, the Institute for Innovation; through its particular corporate educational approach, is promoting creativity/ innovation, in other terms prepare people to meet the challenges of the future. It is not merely a subject; participating in a CCU course, seminar or study session changes the person’s vision, his/her philosophy/perception, and most important the purpose of life."

Professor Y-Pierre Pfeifer is the current President of the Cambridge Corporate University Switzerland, the former Academic Dean at the Cambridge Philosophy Institute, the Vice President of International Operation at the CPI International Group,  Senior Board Member of the Cambridge Consulting Group. He is the former Dean of Studies at the Center of Management, Studies and Development and the former head of courses at the Hôtelier “César Ritz", Le Bouveret, Switzerland.

His academic and professional career highlights top executive and management positions within the Tourism and Hospitality industry in Switzerland including the great Lausanne Hotel School and the Swiss Hotel Association.  His current work and research focuses on the Balance-Score-Card, Innovation in Hospitality Management and the MBA role in changing the world of business. During the last 5 years, his activities has included being a senior member of a top international consulting Group advising on major projects involve countries in Europe, Gulf and Middle East in areas of Pharmaceuticals,  Education, Energy, and Hospitality Management.

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