Professor Dr. Hossam ElShazly


"The type of education offered at Cambridge Corporate University is a transforming, developmental experience that stimulates intellectual and personal growth by building deep, practical knowledge and fostering sound judgment.

The word 'transforming' used here deliberately, as transformation is indeed what happens to our students. When talk with our alumni, you hear over and over again how deeply they were changed by the environment they found at CCU. Being attached to the Giant CPI International Group, students at CCU enjoy the unlimited access to resources, experience and industry experts who are changing the world every day."

Professor Dr. Hossam ElShazly is the President & CEO of the CPI International Group, the Former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012, an International Expert in Change management & Business Liaison. Professor of Strategic Planning & Change Management at the Cambridge Corporate University Switzerland, Chairman of the Egyptian session at the Plant Diplomat Institute, the former Chairman of the Innovation Department at the Cambridge Consulting Group and the Former President of International Operation at the CPI International Group. Dr. ElShazly is the former Candidate for the Position of the Minister of International relations, and the Vice-President of the Operational Room of the 100 Days President Program at the SCPF Egypt.

As an Outstanding Political Analyst & an Int'l Expert in Change Management, he appears regularly in most known TV-talk-shows & Programs including: "World Today, Around the Globe, Daily Debate, Nile Cruise, Breakfast Show, Good Morning Egypt, Egypt Today in Both Arabic & English Languages". He occupied leading positions in area of Strategist Planning, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Educational management and public service within the Pharmaceutical, investment & Post secondary Education industries within Multicultural/ Multinational setup.


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